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i am a sleepy, sleepy panda. and getting a bit antsy because i really need to get on my way back to school. home has been nice, if a bit tiring. i'll be back next weekend, anyhow.

came home friday night and met the fam for a pseudo-birthday dinner for mom. i reassured her that we can start subtracting years from here on out if she'd prefer. got a new book, as i am wont to do, although i'm still in the midst of the one i started at the end of winter break. which i really ought to finish because it's actually really good. i just don't read much during school...maybe i'll set aside some time each night before bed.

speaking of bed, i need to get to sleep earlier tonight. 4 am is a time i usually see only when i'm trying to finish up some paper the night before it's due. but, all in all, the night was worth it. went out to the 40 watt and met christina and a few of her friends for the modern skirts concert. good concert, although i would have come a bit later than 10.30 if i had known the modern skirts wouldn't be on til closer to 12. the opening acts were pretty good, but i was hella tired already from working in the house most of the day. still, definitely a fun concert. when it all wrapped up, it was about 1.30 and christina and co decided we should hit up the grill. apparently, a majority of the drunk students downtown also thought this was a good idea, so it took quite a while- although it was totally worth it for the strawberry milkshake and good company. christina's friends were a lot of fun. didn't leave there until about 3.30 so it was right after 4 when i hauled myself through the door and into bed.

and then up at 8.30 this morning to help mom with horses. we were both sore from working on the house yesterday [and my feet hurt from standing in flats for 3 hours at the concert] so it was kind of a chore. but not so bad. hopefully we'll be leaving soon to go into town and pick up paint for my room and hers, and then i'll be on my way back to agnes land. to do all [or at least some of] the homework that i haven't even looked at this weekend. blah. but yes, bedtime will most definitely be well before 4 am tonight. because i'll be an utter zombie-bitch tomorrow if it's not.

hope everyone else had a good weekend. :)
because i'm better at procrastination than actually doing my work. stolen from sashalmiller.

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Jan. 24th, 2009

the academy is and the cab [well, actually, beckett and sisky from tai and alex deleon and ian from the cab] came and played a really small concert at eddie's attic today. tiny, tiny show and so awesome because of it. me, esther, and shea went. they played some awesome covers ["hit me, baby", "santoria", "working class hero" (john lenon), "gone" (nsync), "brick" (ben folds five), and a verse or so of "hotel california"] along with their own wonderful songs. there was much chatting between songs and story telling. it was all highly amusing, especially the guys from the cab.

an example of such amusement was all the comparisons of william to various famous people. alex told a story about how a waitress was utterly convinced that he was johnny depp. which led to a list of other people he vaguely resembles, among them jack from titanic [especially with the button down, suspenders, and hat he was wearing], prince caspian, and an unspecified-jonas brother. so, on the vein of famous people, beckett goes "i just want to throw this out there: i think i should have been cast as edward cullen" to which everyone responded quite enthusiastically. a response which gained greater enthusiasm upon alex's comment that he should have been bella. because, damn, i would definitely have gone to see that movie.

afterwards, we waited around outside the bus [like the pseudo-stalkers we are] to get autographs, etc, after the show. alex came out first, signed autographs and all that, and then serenaded us from inside the bus through a window. and after a long wait, beckett finally appeared and was his darling self. esther and i went to go take a picture with him and he stuck out his hand and looked at me expectantly, so i took it and said "hi, i'm jessie" to which he replied "i'm william" which was adorable, since i obviously knew who he is. and then he told me he liked my jacket, that it was nice [or cute or something...i don't recall exactly] and there was some internal squeeing. and then we talked to him for a bit, telling him how much we enjoyed the show, and he was so genuine and nice and just kept talking to us. i think he would have stayed talking to us for a while, but we made sure he went to go talk to everyone else, too. it was just so cool. he spent time with everyone, talking about all sorts of random things. such an utter sweetie.

so, yesh. i ♥ william beckett like whoa. he's such an utter sweetie and adorably awkward and i want to take him home with me. i wants a william of my own. to go with the brendon i will also someday have. and they can just be adorable together and make me happy when i'm down. because they totally would.

Jan. 9th, 2009

so we were watching 'the fast and the furious: tokyo drift' because it came on and cody was like 'dude!! awesome cars!' it was entertaining, if not spectacular. han was kinda hot. too bad he was was kind of shady. but my favorite part was probably at the end when the main kid was suddenly 'drift king' and a new guy [vin diesel] shows up in an american muscle car [plymouth roadrunner, apparently] to challenge him and it turns out he knew han. now, tell me this doesn't just sound laden with innuendo:

kid: Nice ride.
vin: I won it from our friend Han a few years ago.
kid: I didn't know he was into American muscle.
vin: He was when he was rollin' with me.

pfft. seriously? i dunno, maybe i'm just warped, but it's so easy to see. and then after that the kid says "you know this ain't no 10 second race" and vin diesel says "i've got nothin' but time"...and maybe that's more of a stretch, but come on.

i guess my mind's just in the gutter. nothing new there. *shrugs*
mae had her baby!!! 7 pound baby boy, name to be determined.

i can't believe coach is a father. but it's so exciting!! i feel like an auntie!



baby name has been decided- cole peter joseph. i ♥ the name cole, so i told coach i approve ^^

Jan. 2nd, 2009

well, happy new year, i suppose. it's been 2009 for a whole day now, so i guess i'm a bit behind. o well.

spent new year's with mer, watching dr who, playing laser tag with kitties, and lamenting the stupidity of boys who don't answer phones. we had champagne at midnight, after fighting mightily to get the thrice-damned cork out- nearly had a heart attack when it finally shot out of the bottle. pretty chill evening, but nice overall. all the other athens kids when were doing other things [like being in patagonia or packing for rome or snowboarding in west virginia- lucky bastards] or else there might've been a bigger get together.

so, i don't usually do the resolution thing becasuse, hey, i know myself well enough to know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and a lot of them are probably mine. that being said, here are a few of my good intentions for this year:

- work out more often, aka stop sitting on my lazy ass
- dedicate more time to school work outside of class and less time to procrastination
- readdress "pietas" paper in a less than cursory manner
- get a job- either something around decatur, or get recertified to ref
- write.
- finish the story i started a year ago for a friend [and haven't finished because i fail at plot]
- attempt to flesh out [or, you know, come up with] a plot for werewolf story
- find somewhere to live for fifth-year
- meet new people, aka quit being shy awkward panda

i guess 'graduate' should be on that list, but that's not a good intention, it's going to fucking happen. because if it doesn't, i have no idea what i'll do with my life. so we're going to just put it down as inevitable and hope i don't royally fuck up.

well. there you have it. and i'm off to bed. ta.

Dec. 30th, 2008

so. grades are in. managed to do fairly well- 3.667 semester gpa, whoo. still not enough to pull my cummulative up to a 3.5 by the end of the year, mores the pity- no hope for cum laude, it looks like. would've been nice.

came out with an A in greek, but i figured i would- 97 going into the final was a good indicator. according to blackboard, i got a 100 on my final, but i don't see how that can be right- i left a blank for a word in one of my sentence translations because i couldn't remember it. and i really figured i must have made a couple other mistakes. so now i want to see the final. i'll ask sally when we get back, i guess.

B+ in latin, but i kind of thought that would be the case. my grades in that class- quizzes, midterm, etc- were never high enough to really make me think otherwise, although i did manage a 90 on my final [which i would like back- i wonder if dw is going to send them to us]. i had hoped that i could maybe manage an A-, but o well. i'd probably do better if i devoted more time to my homework and review. bad habits, hard things to break. there we go- new year's resolution: spend more time on latin. maybe i'll stick to it.

and rounding up the semester, i got an A- in abnormal psych. which was actually a pleasant discovery. i had figured somehwere in the B to A- range, but i didn't want to get my hopes up for an A-, so i figured on a B or B+. i'd really like to know how i did on the final, but alas, dr cooley doesn't post anything on blackboard, so i don't know. i suppose i could ask her, though. we'll see how much i really care when i get back to school.

well. there it is. i officially have one semester left. only two required classes left- latin elegy and greek 102 are the only things standing between me and my bachelor of arts in classical language and literature, with a little psych on the side.

...dear gods. what a horrifying idea.
so, you know you spend too much time on fictionpress when you're upset upon finishing a real book because you've just realized that there's no 'review' button at the end. *headdesk*

Dec. 28th, 2008

just realized that all of my spring courses are on m-w, or m-w-f. dear god. i have classes at 11 [greek 102], 12 [plato and aristotle], 2.30 [latin elegy], and 4 [linguistic anthro] on mon/wed, and my 11 and 12 o'clock classes on friday. at least i'll be pass/failing one of those classes [probably philosophy]. and i'm planning to audit another [gender in antiquity]- which will actually be tues/thurs at 11, so maybe i won't be a completely useless blob. and maybe i can set up some time to meet with sally or abbot or dw each week [or every other] to work on my pietas paper from last year, so that i can use it as a writing sample for grad school. bonus points, because it could totally work with my gender in antiquity class, even if i'm only auditing, since it's mostly about women as avengers. hmm. must consult sally about this.

anyhow. break has been good. christmas was nice- mostly got clothes that i already knew about, so no real surprises. got a pair of boots that i'm thinking i might return because i'm starting to doubt i'll really wear them. got three new scarves, which were kind of a surprise, especially since i'd been eyeing one in the store and had no idea my mom got it for me. sneaky person, she is. also got a pretty, pretty watch from fossil. i tried to find a picture to post, but i can't find it online, and i fail at taking actual pictures. meh. it's pretty. so there.

also, family arguments are fun. and by fun, i'm not sure what i really mean. because, honest to god, i think me and cody both enjoy it when we aren't actually trying to pummel each other. because it's come to blows, or almost blows, at least twice over break, and once he gets strong enough to break my grip, i might be fucked. hopefully by that point, we won't be getting in those kinds of fights. but, when we're just arguing, we get into this banter-argue state that i think we both actually enjoy, as twisted as that might sound. i think that might be why we both argue so damn much with the 'rents. well, golly gee.

okay. so. off to go read books i have procured from their respective retailers- or rather, the one, since reading two books at once sometimes leaves me confused. and then beddy-by time. ta, lovelies! :)


fucking finally.

now, have to pack up my life [well, most of it], load up the car, clean up the apartment, and head home tomorrow morning.

but! tonight i'm out to a concert with stone. acdc, bitches! details later. :)


so. concert was fun. getting there was more effore than we'd counted on. mostly because we got stuck for like 15 minutes on marta [by 'stuck' i mean stopped, not in a station] for god only knows what reason. and then we missed our stop because a couple of drunk guys who were headed to the concert as well got in our car and one decided to talk to us. so, we had to get back on marta and go back a stop. but after that, we were golden.

the seats were like ridiculously close, especially for somewhere as big as philip's arena. granted, we were off to the right side of the stage, but it was still pretty sweet. and i think i'm half deaf, although it's coming back now. ears are still ringing like woah. i don't really know a lot of acdc songs, especially their newer stuff, but it was hella fun. 'back in black' and 'all night long' will always be awesome. and for older guys, they can still rock pretty damn hard. the guitarist had this insane solo that just wouldn't quit. despite the fact that the whole time i was like 'please don't have a heart attack or something' because he definitely looked like it was possible. also, did a bit of a strip show for us, and performed half of the concert without a shirt. kinda ick, but not as bad as it could've been.

all in all, a nice way to close out the day. although now i have zero motivation to pack, etc. thinking i might start on it a bit, at least fold my clothes and all, and then do the rest in the morning. sleep sounds really good right about now.